22 de febrero de 2013

Winged Eye Liner ~ Delineado tipo Cat Eye


So the winged eyeliner has mostly every girl in the world looking chic and fabulous without much effort nowadays. It's a simple way to get a very chic look and to take your makeup (and whole look) to the next level. Here, my ladies, I will tell you how to complement this winged eyeliner to make the eye stand out even more than it would with just a regular eyeliner.
To compliment the winged eyeliner one must ALWAYS CONTOUR THE CREASE OF THE EYE, Even if it is done with the lightest shade of a brownish color, that will make the crease look deeper and will make the eyeliner pop out. Your whole eye will change simply because of this little detail. In this particular photograph I took a light color and applied it in the internal part of my eyelid, and then took a brown shadow and applied in on the external part, shading the external part of my crease as well. Last, but not least, I applied eyeliner.
El delineador en estos momentos tiene a toda chica en el mundo viendose chic y fabulosa sin mucho esfuerzo. Es un look bien simple, pero que hace una gran diferencia. Aqui, mis preciosuras, les enseñare como complementar el delineador para que sus ojos se vean aun mas bonitos.
Lo primero es que SIEMPRE DE DEBE sombrear el contorno del ojo aunque sea con una sombra super clarita en marron. Esto hara muchisima diferencia en el ojo, ya que el ojo se vera mucho mas bonito y resaltara mucho mas el delineado. En esta foto en particular yo tome un color claro y lo aplique en la parte interna del parpado, aplicando en la parte externa un marron oscuro y difuminandolo hasta el pliege del ojo. Luego, aplique el delineador.
Thanks for reading♥

21 de febrero de 2013

Cute, classy makeup look

Cinturones de Metal!

Podría decir que la fashion trend que mas me emociona este ano es la de los cinturones con laminas de metal. Son excelentes para hacer CHIC y elegante cualquier outfit. Me encantan. Pude encontrar varios sites que tienen bellas opciones a precios razonables. Los links abajo, bellezas.~ 

plated_belt metal_belt gold_plated_belt cinturones_con_metal_placa cinturones_de_metal_placa_de_metal placa_de_metal

  •   topshop Este es una excelente opcion si eres fan de los studs. ( US$50)
  •  ASOS Este es mi segundo favorito de todos los que encontre. (US $26.31 con envio gratis) Este sitio tienen muchas opciones BELLAS, asi que definitivamente vale la pena chequearlo. 
Okay, los dos que siguen con casimente identicos, 
con la unica diferencia siendo un detalle
(hay veces que pequenos detalles marcan la diferencia)

  •  Ebay Esta opcion me gusta mucho por que creo que la parte trasera hace que se vea elegante, o tan elegante como se podria ver un cinturon a este precio. Me encanta. La parte trasera es todo negro( US $20.65.) 
  • El segundo Y MI FAVORITO  es de ministryofretail.com. (US $20.80) como pueden ver se parece mucho al de arriba, con la diferencia siendo que este tiene el detalle atras en laminas de metal, algo que a mi opinion lo hace ver aun mas trendy y mas elegante, ya que con un vestido la parte trasera tambien tendra un laminado de metal, dandole un al outfit algo extra. 

    Espero haberlas ayudado y que les hayan gustado mis opciones. Un besote grande y gracias por leerme ! :D ~

AFFORDABLE Metal Plate Belt! :D Where to get yours!


In case you've missed the latest red carpet events or fashion shows, I have a scoop for you : Plated metal is -and will be- the next 'It trend'. The gold metal plated accesories are everywhere right now, from handbags to belts, to caps, to trench coats. You name it, and somewhere someone is plating it. This little baby is so ultra CHIC, it simply transforms any outfit and turns it up a notch. I can see this being wore with elegant dresses, casual dresses, spring dresses, blazers, skirts high-low skirts...
Putting together an outfit for it, piece of cake. Finding one that is affordable, though, might not be so easy. I spent yesterday afternoon looking it up online, and If you -like me- are in the search for the cutest, most affordable gold metal plate belt, this is your lucky day, gorgeous... Links below.
  • This  topshop belt is a good option if you like studs. It's US$50 (Not sure how affordable this might be to American girls)
  • This ASOS double plated and Spike details belt is My second favorite. It's $26.31 with free shipping. ASOS has several belts, so it's a site definitively worth checking out. I lovedddd this one, but I am not a fan of the spikes, so it won't be my first choice, but I def see myself getting this one pretty soon. So lovely!
Ok, so the next two are pretty much the same
(even regarding price), with a SLIGHT difference (that could be significant)
  • The first, the Ebay option is very cute and elegant-looking in my opinion, and it has a black leather strap which goes with pretty much anything and makes any outfit look elegant. It's Approx. US $20.65. The back part has an all-black strap.

  • The second one, AND MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE  is from ministryofretail.com. It's $20.80. As you can see, if you inspect every detail like me, the back part has Metal detailing, which I think makes not only the belt look more expensive-ish and elegant, but makes it very very very chic. Specially if you wear it with a semi-bare back. It's also adjustable. This is my ultimate favorite because it's simple, it's adorable, and I can see myself rocking it with an all-black outfit

Burberry Prorsum AW 2013


The Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week show made me fall in love all over again. It also made me very excited to see how this year's fashion trends will unfold.

I fell in love with it as soon as it started, and may I say that everything from the minimalistic runway to the details in every piece of clothing made me fall no-money-left-in-the-bank in love!~
Some of the trends that caught my eye:

GOLD METAL PLATING: It is SO IN RIGHT NOW! and I am excited. I love the futuristic/chic air it gives any outfit. This is a trend that promises to stay for a while, and I -my ladies- hope its a long one. This trend is not only being used in the gold plated belts, but also in small details and accesories, coats, handbags, and shoes.

PRINTS, PRINTS, PRINTS A mixture of prints were fiercely walked down the runway. Jiraffe prints, heart prints, leopard prints, you name it, you mix it. Dressing has never been this easy.

Leather in the Trench Coats: Another trend I loved. I thought it was a very innovative way of implementing leather in other garments. The leather part was mostly in the shoulder area, as you can notice if you notice the model behind Cara in the collage below

Holding your handbag by the bottom was also a trend impossible to miss. This seems to be the NEW way to hold your handbag since Fashion-related people such as Victoria Beckham have also been spotted holding their handbags this way. (In case I'm not explaining myself very well, hold them between your arm and body, instead of having them hanging them from your arm)

This year promises to be exciting, fashion lovers!~


Jaw-Dropping Makeup ~ Maquillaje Roba-Miradas

Este es un hermoso look que complementara a cada chica que lo intente, dándole una intensidad a su mirada que captara miradas tanto de día como de noche, sin importar la ocasión. 
Te atreves a ser el centro de atención?
This is a look that promises to complement each and every girl that dares try it, giving your eye an intensity that will capture every one's attention, 
during the day as well during the night, regardless of the ocassion. 
Do you dare be the center of attention?


Maquillaje Hecho por Mi!

Una amiga me pidió que le hiciera el favor de maquillar a su modelo, así que CLAAROOO que acepte. Los nervios no me faltaban el día que me lo pidió  por que mi maquillaje seria juzgado, pero mas que nervios tenia pura emoción! Fue tan divertido! Este fue el look terminado, maquillaje y pelo por mi y el vestido diseñado por mi amiga. 

Productos Utilizados: 
  •  Pre-base de ELF
  • L'Oreal True Match Base 
  • Base Mineral ELF
  • Sombra Marrón de ELF, en el tono Chestnut
  • Sombra negra de Coastal Scents. 
  • Corrector crema de ELF
  • Bronceador de ELF
  • Labial de Cyzone
  • Lipgloss de Covergirl

Makeup Look Done by Me!

So... remember this???
I was asked to do someone's makeup and this is the look that we decided would complement the dress in the way that we wanted to do so. I was also the one to do her hair and style her in general. It was fun. :)
This was a makeup that was done with many drugstore products and was very easy to do. Steps and more info below
I started off by applying primer, and then I applied L'Oreal True Match Foundation with a beauty blender in both the face and neck. I lather moved on to the eyes, starting with a Mineral Eye Primer, and moving on to contouring the eyes and then started applying the black eyeshadow. The way I did was that I first lined the eyes in the shape I wanted them to be, and then filled it in after both eyes were good-to-go and matching. Afterwards, I took a blending brush and smoothed away the edges, everywhere, but specially in the end. I then took a little Chestnut colored Elf Matte Eyeshadow and applied in on her crease right where the black eyeshadow met the crease, to make the color blend it better with her skin tone.
Later, I applied some Elf Concealer under her eyes and all the way up to her temple. Tapping it in with warm fingers so that it blended it better with her skin. I also applied some concealer on the bridge of her nose, her forehead and her chin to give her face some light.
Afterwards I contoured her face,  neck, and nose, with the bronzing powder from elf, and applied mineral blush in the shade Blush. For the lips,  she was applied a rosey-pinkish shade of lipstick which was afterwards topped with a little bit of gloss on strategic points to make her lips look more plumped. Afterwards a red Cyzone lipstick was ever-so-slighty tapped into her lips for a more reddish effect.
For the hair, we did a very stylish, yet always easy - to - do Sock Bun.
We tied her hair in a high pony tail, and afterwards took a cut sock and placed it in her pony tail. We then took her hair and circled it around the sock, giving it that stylish Perfect-Elegant-Stylish Bun effect.
Hope you thought it was cute :p
Thanks for reading!

Love at First Click!

I am just in love with this Outfit!!! So much I decided to make a post for it alone.
In this amazing picture, Natalie Massenet, Founder of Net-A-Porter pairs an all-black outfit with  Antonio Berardi coat, a Mulberry clutch, and Alexander Wang Shoes!

How To find your own style~

Growing up (and even afterwards) finding your true fashion self can be a little tricky. I, for instance when through a couple of "stages" until I kind-of-found my style.
But, thanks to all the long, hot I-only-wear-dark-clothes past days of mine I am now aware my likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion, and what type of clothing fits my persona.
So, lets start this never-ending journey of finding your style, embracing it, and implementing it.

Yes, the first thing you have to do to find your style is THINK. You need to ponder on how you WANT to dress (even if it now doesn't seem as a possibility), what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to portray your personality to the world. 
You need to think about what goes more with you without trying to be something or someone you are not. Because, in the end, this will just make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and you will never be able to fully portray yourself as someone with confidence if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing or in your own skin. 

Pick up a MAGAZINE... OR TWENTY! Look at magazines, blogs, fashion personalities, or even people in your neighbourhood for inspiration and for styles. Taking a glance at the different types of styles there are will help you see which is more fitting for you.
Now, DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF to the styles you might find. You can be a combination of two, three, or can be a beautiful chameleon that can have different styles because your personality can't be "boxed" into one style, as yours truly! EMBRACE YOUR STYLE AND/ OR CREATE YOUR OWN.
Nowadays many new styles are flourishing, and the more unique someone dresses the more attention they get, because most people are used to confine themselves to the "punk"/"preppy"/"classy" limitations, not understanding the beauty of mixing some.

It does not matter if you want to dress preppy, but don't look like Olivia Palermo. You are yourself, unique in your own way, and that is exactly what makes you beautiful. SO, my darling you, have some confidence. Don't limit yourself to thinking you cannot dress elegantly because you are not wealthy, or that you cannot wear cute, girly dresses because you are fat. Please, don't. Do both of us a favor and show the world just ow special you are, regardless of all your insecurities. 

This one is extremely important!!! It does not matter if you are Angelina Jolie or the fat girl from the block, if you don't stick to what flatters you you WILL NOT LOOK GOOD, regardless of how beautiful a piece of clothing might be or how high the cost of it was. You must learn how to work with your assets, ('cause we all have those) so that the focus is not on your not-so-flattering parts. This point is so important I will make a future post about body shapes and what works best for them. 

Explore with different styles. Don't get stuck on what you think you would wear because "you're a girl, you're a mom, you're forty, you're a cheerleader..."  


You might realize you really love trends you never thought you would (I, for instance, have sort of fallen in love with prints after having hated them years ago. My style has changed dramatically). Keep your mind open to different pieces and styles, and you will be able to merge any two, three, four, twenty, a million styles together into what makes beautiful you in the trendiest of ways. 

Don't go crazy and all nazi on yourself. HAVE FUN! Fashion is an art form and is meant to be fun, it's meant to be experienced with and played with, among other serious things. Don't hold back (unless you feel like dressing like an all-orange-alien wearing cowboy boots). Again, have FUN. Life is a trip which is meant to be enjoyed, dressed as chic as possible.

Maquillaje del Dia - makeup of the Day~

Today I was feeling a little Trendy, so I thought I'd try out something I saw before☺
I used colors that would accentuate my big, brown eyes and I think I accomplished it with this look, even though very minimal technique or trying-really-hard-to-make-it-look-good was required.
I started out applying my Tarte    foundation with a blending sponge. I applied several layers in places where I needed more coverage, like my cheeks. Afterwards I applied eyeliner both in the lower and upper lid of my eyes, winging it out a little. Afterwards I took a purple eyeshadow (purple enhances the color of brown eyes) and I smudged my top eyeliner with that, and voila!
On my eyelashes I used PowerLash Mascara from Cyzone, and I contoured my face and nose with ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder, and for the cheeks I used drugstore Blush, in shade Soft Pink.
~ ♥ ~
Hoy me estaba sintiendo un poco trendy, por lo que decidi hacer algo inusual (para mi) con mi mirada☺.
Use colores que acenturarian el color marron de mis ojos, y creo que con este look minimalista lo logre, y sin tener que hacer malabares con tecnicas o hacer mucho esfuerzo para que el maquillaje tuviera el efecto deseado !
Empece utilizando Mi base Tarte, y luego aplique delineador negro en mis ojos, tanto arriba como debajo, trazando la linea lo mas cerca a mis pestañas como fuera posible, y luego, con sombra morada, lo difumine. El morado funciona perfectisimo para acentuar los ojos marrones, asi que sin mucho esfuerzo y con poca tecnica, Voila, tus ojos llamaran la atencion como nunca.
En mis pestañas utilice PowerLash Mascara de Cyzone. Una capa solamente. Luego para contour  mi cara utilice el Polvo de ELF, contouring blush and bronzing powder. Para mis mejillas utilice un rubor en la tonalidad Soft Pink.
“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

CyZone Cyº Cheek-a-chic Blush Review


A couple of years ago while in High School I was introduced by a friend to this brand:  cyzone
At first, what caught my eye was the colorful and extra-girly catalog that she presented to us on a monthly basis trying to sell us the products. After a while, the products sold themselves.
This blushes are WONDERFUL! They are one of those gems that you want to let go of after having discovered them.The Colors are amazing, and they last the wholeeeee entire day! This blushes belong to the type that you can wear the beginning of the morning to the end of your daily journey.
They are highly pigmented, which means a) That you have to apply just a slight amount of them and b) That they will last a lifetime. In my picture, I only took a big powder brush and took and I was able to aply it to both of my cheeks. And I took from the lid!! Haha they're just wonderful once you get the hang of it.
(They are a latinamerican brand. I live in Dominican Republic)
~ * ~
Los rubores Cyzone son de esas gemitas que no quieres soltar cuando las encuentras. Los colores son maravillosos, y se aplican a la piel difuminandose y matizandose con el resto de tu maquillaje para dar un acabado natural y perfecto que tiene de durabilidad todo el dia.
Estas bellezas tienen un solo "problema" (que no es nisiquiera un problema y les explicare en un tantito por que): Son MUY pigmentados. O sea, tan pigmentados que me los aplico con una brocha de polvo desde la tapa del contenedor y me da para ambos lados de la cara a full color! Esto, por el otro lado, tambien significa que el rubor promete durar meses y meses y meses.
Perfecto para el invierno !

18 de febrero de 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Review ♥

This little baby has taken me by surprise and awed me in Oh, so many ways.
Introduced to it by a friend, I bought this feeling very skeptical about it. Little did I know I was about to fall head-over-heels in love.
This foundation is not thick at all, nor is it oily, and it gives the skin that velvet-skin look that we all covet.  The application is very easy and you can get a medium to full coverage depending on the application method. This is such a good foundation that using a setting powder is an option, not a must.
It works like the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup, because all the colors show perfectly and blend in smoothly with the foundation, avoiding that "cakey" effect.  I, personally, forgot about other foundations as soon as I started using this one.  It is my FAVORITE foundation so far. I was not a fan of using foundations, and didn't tend to use them, but whenever I am going out I can't resist the Tarte Effect. It is water-resistant, so it can be even be used for a pool day, and God knows I have plenty of them. Thanks to this baby I can still have  a flawless skin for hours and hours to come regardless of where I am at.
I normally apply it with a dampened Beauty Blender, to get a medium coverage that gives me that no-makeup effect, for a daily use. I will upload a video review of this product very soon.
Definitively, A MUST-TRY !
~ * ~
Esta bebe me ha tomado por sorpresa y me ha sorprendido de Ay, tantas maneras! 
Introducida a la marca por una amiga, no estaba muy segura de que me gustara el producto cuando lo pedi.  Poco sabia yo que estaba en camino a quedar super enamorada! Esta base no es para nada grasosa, y se esparce sobre la piel con gran facilidad, dejandola suave y sedosa. No es necesario utilizar polvo despues de la base y dependiendo de la aplicacion, la cobertura puede ser de mediana a completa. Cualquiera que sea la cobertura, es garantizado que funcionara como el canvas perfecto para los colores que vayas a utilizar y se va a mezclar perfectamente con todos los otros productos utlizados, evitando el efecto "cakey".
Es a prueba de agua y tiene proteccion solar, asi que es perfecto para esos dias de playa - y Dios sabe que tengo muchos. Gracias a esta bebe puedo ir a la playa o piscina y aun lucir una piel radiente y libre de imperfecciones.
Normalmente me lo aplico con un Beauty Blender previamente mojado, para que el efecto de la base sea mas natural y parezca que no estoy usando base alguna.
Definitivamente, un producto que se DEBE PROBAR!!!
You can Buy it Here!!

Disclaimer: I am not getting any commission for placing the Product's link in the post, I did so to facilitate the purchase to the dolls that do wanna try it out.
Thanks for Reading; Have a nice Day, and Remember: It's Only Makeup~